London’s Le Caprice Launches Saturday Jazz Brunch

caprice_ 0721

In New York, finding a cozy bar or brunch spot with a jazz band isn’t all that hard, it is after all, where most of the greats created their best work. However, finding decent jazz in London is akin to accidently dropping your mobile in murky water and then trying to retrieve it — it’s possible but it ain’t going to be easy. That is until now (though you are still on your own with the mobile phone thing).

One of London’s most respected mainstays (thirty years and counting) Le Caprice is launching their brand new Saturday Jazz Brunch this weekend and with spring still no where in sight, we can’t think of anywhere better to while away a Saturday afternoon.

Dom Pipkin, known for his soulful New Orleans-style jazz, has played with greats like Ray Davies and Morcheeba and will be taking to the stage at the twice a month jazz-filled brunch. His band, Dom & The Iko’s, is an international favorite on the blues circuit and he is currently leading the band for British pop star Paloma Faith.

Expect the traditional eclectic Le Caprice brunch menu including favorites like duck and watermelon salad, Champagne risotta and Eggs Arlington, among other indulgences. Brunch is from 12:30 to 4pm. Book early, stay late — we’ll see you there.

For upcoming dates check Le Caprice’s website.

Le Caprice

Arlington Street

London SW1A 1RJ