Haute Ambassador Lea Black : It’s New Year, Time For New Years Resolutions


 If you wanna laugh and giggle, find my youtube channel. It’s a fun project that forces me to view my reality.

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to share my philosophies of living a life of health, happiness, peace, tranquility and positive energy with the world.

My son’s resolution is to do more everyday acts of kindness. And our President should have an agenda of creating jobs, addressing global warming, equal rights for everyone, healthcare reform and a world of peace.

So it’s a time for new beginnings. “I can deal with a lot but I can’t deal with stupid” (available on a number of my website items including my key chains!), and the quote of the moment for me is “Everyday I give thanks and then I pinch myself.”

My home is even getting a makeover. It’s going to be lighter and brighter thanks to the talents of the team of Hernan Arriaga Design.

I’ve finished my novel, Lea’s Little Black Book – so stay tuned for a look behind the proverbial curtain into Miami’s finest people and parties. It’s a fun read and hopefully the composites of the characters are camouflaged enough- lol ! Stay tuned.


If you wanna laugh and giggle, find my youtube channel. It’s a fun project that forces me to view my reality.

I am also gearing up for our Blacks Annual Gala and I hope you will attend. The date is Saturday, April 13, featuring Flo Rida along with top-notch celebrities who will walk the red carpet.

I really do feel like everything is new in this new year, including my new line of cutting-edge skincare products, LBBeauty. I will also tell you more about the Sudden Youth skincare kit… next time. For now, check out the details on worldofleablack.com. I know everyone will LOVE the results of these new state of the art formulas, I know I do. Isn’t looking fab, feeling great, full of energy and doing good things in the world what it’s all about?


Enjoy the New Year – make life good, remember to QuantumThink.com

(My how to live life guidebook). Until next time spread the love and keep the peace.

Hope to hear from you on twitter @ leablackmiami and interact with me on Facebook. I love my life, my family, friends, business, charity and all of my social media buddies! Love, Lea