Inside Girard-Perregaux’s New York Boutique — A Look at Five Exceptional Watches

We had the opportunity to go inside the Girard-Perregaux flagship boutique at 701 Madison Avenue in New York—the only store the brand has in the U.S. It was just before the holidays, and Boutique Manager Chip Henderson took the time to walk us through five unique and exceptional pieces in the store, two of which just arrived that day.

This is the first time that the company did anything in the woman’s catseye collection in stainless steel. This particular piece comes on a calfskin strap. There are 56 diamonds, weighing in at just over one carat, retailing at $13,345.

This was a limited-edition piece for North America with only 20 of its kind. It’s made from white polish ceramic, smoked sapphire crystal, black accents with a black rubber strap. It retails for $19,900.

The Sport Hawk collection was launched at Art Basel Miami in 2012 and this particular piece is the Hawk Diver. This one was a limited edition benefitting the Everglades Foundation, and had just arrived in New York that day. At 6 p.m. there is a power reserve indicator that works somewhat like a gas gauge with a 46-hour power reserve. The price point $10,532.


The Chrono Hawk is the second in the Sport Hawk collection and is much a lifestyle watch as a sports watch. The display back is a calfskin leather backed with rubber. It retails for $13,723.

There are only ten of the limited-edition Laureato watch in titanium. The unique Three bridged feature is made from a material called spinel. This is an Auto tourbillon watch and retails for $224,000.