Getting High In London: The Shard

All of Europe is abuzz about London’s newest and quite impressive addition to the skyline, The Shard. The Shard sits at London Bridge and is named so because of its cool, sculpted design. The glass facets, which were inspired by church spires and ship masts, reach toward each other at the apex of the building, but do not meet creating a visual treat.

While we all await the opening of the much anticipated 5-star Shangri-la hotel, which will be located inside The Shard, eager beavers can get a glimpse of the architectural masterpiece when The View From the Shard opens on February 1. The visitor attraction boasts that it is the only place where it is possible to see the entire city of London at once.

The experience begins on the ground floor gallery where visitors can interact with animated maps and videos. There are also more than 140 famous Londoners in playful pictures dotted around the gallery – think Kate Moss marrying King Henry VIII and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pictured as Pearly King and Queen. While there are multiple gift shops and various interactive experiences, the real treat is on the 72nd floor – 40 mile, 360-degree unadulterated views over the city. Worth the £24.95 ticket price? We’ll let you decide.

All photos credit to ©The View from The Shard