Best Restaurants In The World


We feature a large selection of some of the best restaurants in the world, including Roberto Cavalli’s favorite Miami restaurant Fuor d’Acqua. 

Think Miami doesn’t need another Italian restaurant? Well it does and the opening of Fuor d’Acqua proves that there is always room for one more when it’s this good. Fuor d’Acqua is the sister restaurant to a highly successful restaurant in Florence, Italy favored by fashion models and designers like Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo. The Miami locale, run by seasoned South Beach restaurateur Antonio Martucci, is already poised to be a celebrity hotspot this season.

Fuor d’Acqua means “out of the water” so not surprisingly their specialty is fish. Awash in white and blue tones with a jelly fish theme, the space demonstrates that.  Branzino tartare is delicious and utterly unique in Miami, the linguine with clams is the most superlative rendition we’ve come across and the salt-crusted Mediterranean Sea Bass is delicate and about as fresh as it gets when it comes to eating fish from halfway around the world. So, not only have they imported the concept, but they have imported the chef from their Florence location, Dani Di Calimero, to spectacular effect.

Fuor d’Acqua doesn’t get going ‘til a bit later, so don’t expect much action before 9pm. After that – expect a lot of action, and come season a lot of action in their outdoor garden area which was once a hotspot for the Sport Cafe long ago. Aside from the famous pedigree, one of the most interesting things about Fuor d’Acqua is the Washington Avenue location (they make it work) and the vintage South Beach feel of the restaurant and it’s clientele, capturing a bit of what made is such a great place to begin with.

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