AAU and Vegas Have Interior Designer Roger Thomas

The very first moment a doorman opens the doors to that surprise inside, is an expected shock factor! What do the eyes want to envision? What would want to spot, in the corner of the eye, for the first time? What is the vagrant aroma one expects to tickle their senses, while waltzing into the promenade for his/her first moment in time? That is the very envisionment of one’s thought, before opening any door to any place…what is in store? Maybe a cigar and brandy room would intrigue that pot belly rancher or a luxury boutique filled with little shoes to make that Cinderella fit for a no-budget dame! Try to go beyond those typical bar, lounge and store settings and think extreme! Try thinking of an over the top Vegas casino resort, maybe the world famous Bellagio, which was featured in Ocean’s Eleven? Or maybe some of Vegas’ Wynn Hotels and resorts, in which interior design emperor, Roger Thomas comes to mind.
Well, not anyone can just skip to my lou, put a bow here and there and whip a room into shape…it take practice! So ladies and gentleman don’t try this at home, unless you are Roger Thomas. Thomas is a trained professional and puts the icing on the cake in every corner. This Vegas legend creates the perfect mood, the perfect seating arrangements and just the perfect ambiance for some of Vegas’s top notch casinos. And it’s not just casinos he craves the appetite for… he goes on more than Bed, Bath and Beyond! Thomas is an interior design mogul and has decided to grace interior design for us consumers to indulge in. One wouldn’t want to waltz in a room to find some folding chairs, a Tiki hut stand and some cots for your comfort, would you? Something must be right if Thomas was featured in Elle Décor or Architectural Digest. Well, he only is the vice president for Wynn Design and Development and has also created the interiors for Wynn Las Vegas. Not only does he specialize in interior, but has also has a knack for art collecting, especially for being the founder of the Bank of America Nevada Art Collection. All of that seems to fall in place together and all that work needs some recognition, wouldn’t you think?

Well, it’s time for a real shock factor for some
interior architectural design students at The Academy of Art University and Thomas himself! It appears that Thomas had one more stop on his sleigh, during the Christmas holiday and it was at San Francisco’s AAU for his Academy of Art University Design Icon Award! My oh my, the students and Thomas must have been nice this year before the 2012 Winter Show Reception for the showcase of the Interior Architecture&Design students! Past featurette in Town and Country Magazine and AAU C

o-Op program, Laura Blumenfeld must have tipped Thomas off about the students and AAU had their check list ready for Thomas’s arrival. Blumenfeld has been in the interior design field for over 20 years and has these AAU students ready for special appearances, such as Roger Thomas and more! He must have been shocked for his appraisal and ready to venture out on a new invention and start collaborating with some special guests. Special guest such as Blumenfeld, maybe a handful of students and a certain designer he would have liked to work with…Balenciaga. When you think chic, timeless, classic, extravagant…you say Balenciaga, not think, but say Balenciaga and add a pinch of Thomas to make the ambiance ecstasy.