What’s On My Desk: Jeff Berkowitz, President and Founder of Berkowitz Development Group

Jeff Berkowitz is the president and founder of Berkowitz Development Group, a full-service retail development company headquartered in Coconut Grove.  Berkowitz as one of the highly distinguishable retail developers in Miami-Dade County for having developed high profile projects, such as Fifth and Alton, Aventura Commons, and Dadeland Station.

1. Inkwell- An antique crystal inkwell, which we found in New York, coincidently bearing my initials and gifted to me by my darling wife, Yolanda. I collect vintage limited edition fountain pens.

2. Hippo- A bronze hippo, acquired in Africa, serves as a warning to others not to arouse my “Inner Hippo”.

3. Brass Screw- The screw is a constant reminder of “what goes around-comes around”.

4. Pigs- I present these pigs occasionally during negotiations to those who have earned the “F**cking Pig Award”.

5. Rabbit in a Hat- It inspires me to strive to do “what we do best…” to work magic and to pull the rabbit out of the hat!

6. Red Buttons- Self Explanatory.