New Pilates Classes at Zen Yoga

After the New Year kicks in and the holidays wind down, take up a new workout regime which can prove physically and mentally beneficial. While Pilates ultimately focuses on building a strong core and strengthening exercises, it will assist you to achieve overall wellness for your mind and your body. At Zen Yoga, one of Dubai’s most renowned yoga centers, a variety of new Pilates classes such as booty barre and Bal-Lates, are being offered which will help to elongate, strengthen and balance your body.

Try Bal-Lates with Tracy Kotecha. One of the latest trend in Pilates, Bal-Lates is a combination of pilates and ballet with amazing and fast results for all over body toning leaving you feeling lean, strong and energetic. The workout consists of a warm up which increases the heart rate and warms the muscles preparing the body for the rest of the workout. Then, using lights weights, the upper body is worked followed by the legs and the thighs. An intense workout using the support of the ballet barre, Bal-Lates challenges all the major muscle groups as well as maintains strong deep core muscles with correct posture. The class then moves to the floor finishing with abdominal exercises. After a hard workout the class concludes with relaxing stretching exercises.

Also try a Booty Barre class with Laura Weston-Jabali. The Booty Barre Method is a revolutionary new program which incorporates the barre in group exercise classes fusing Pilates, dance and yoga with fluid athletic intervals.The class incorporates a well-balanced fusion of isometric movements, counter-balanced with full range of motion choreography, creating a program that translates into functional strength and a beautiful physique.

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