Haute 100 Miami Update: Christmas Eve Gloria Estefan Style

Gloria Estefan, will return to BBC Radio 2 for a very festive show on Christmas Eve.  Estefan will be celebrating Christmas Cuban style, as she will play her favorite Latin numbers and get everyone in the jolly spirit. After a successful programme last year, she is back with “Gloria Estefan’s Latin Christmas” in a hour long programme produced by award-winner Indie Folded Wing.  Airing on December 24 at 6pm, the show will feature Estefan’s childhood stories. “I was very inspired by my son because every Christmas I was able to relive the magic that I felt as a child by seeing it again through his eyes” shared Estefan.  In addition to Estefan’s new numbers, BBC Radio 2 will also be repeating the seven-part series Estefan produced last year.

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