Dori’s World: By the Beach, and at the Art Fair in Miami for Art Basel

It was another amazing day in Miami for Art Basel! It started at The Setai at the beach with beach at The Setai with Shaul Nakash, Bert Dweck, Michael Hirtenstein and Jim Goldstein, who is the number one basketball fan in the country and lives in LA at the Lauten home.

After the beach I had lunch with my father Ed Cooperman and we sat next to Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson and we were all later joined by Alex von Furstenberg. Then it was off to the art fair so we stopped by the Aqueous gallery, Gagosian, Mary Boone McDonald and they were filled with people buying, socializing, looking, posing…oh, who knows anymore. I bumped into friends Chuck Prince, Phyllis Sadler. The Mugrabis are my favorite peple to go see the to walk around the fair with. Libbie Mugrabi and I have a tradition to go see the art together year after year. I want back to the Setai afterwards and met up with Bianca Brandolini, Stephen Dorf, Vikram Chatwal, Dino Lavani, Harry LeFrak and got ready for the evening.

Dino popped by Diddy’s house to meet Niomi Campbell and then we all met up at the Moncler party on Lincoln Road where we got a jacket and Lapo’s sunglasses—the same sunglasses that I’m aways wearing around New York. We saw Paris and Nicky Hilton, Emily Smith, Sara and Ugo Columbo, Karolina Kurkova, Alilison Sarofim, Pipa Cohen, and Robert Futterman. Then, we ended the night at Wall at the W Hotel.