All About Truffles at Zuma Dubai

A few months ago Zuma Dubai sourced the largest white truffle ever to arrive in the UAE, An impressive feat, at 349 grams the truffle was shaved onto Zuma dishes for a special fee. While this monumental truffle might be finished, Zuma incorporates this special mushroom on a variety of dishes year round. We speak to Chef Refai Bin Othman to find out how.

You’ve recently sourced the largest truffle ever to reach the UAE. How did you incorporate the truffle within Zuma’s dishes?

Many of Zuma’s dishes are very versatile. So, it was easy for us to use the truffle on our a la carte menu itself.

While the recent ‘largest truffle to arrive in the UAE’ was certainly a special addition to the menu, in which dishes do you regularly use truffles at Zuma?

We sold the truffle as an additional option on all of our a la carte dishes, so as to offer our guests the option of how they would like to experience it. To date, wagyu beef tataki with truffle ponzu has been the most popular choice.

The idea of truffles in traditional Japanese cuisine seems to be a new concept. What makes you decide to incorporate truffles within a given Zuma dish?

Truffles don’t give much taste, but they do give a great aroma. So I take a decision to add a few slices of fresh truffles to dishes in order to enhance their flavors.

How long does it normally take to source your truffles?

It takes around 24 hours for the truffle to be dug out from the ground to reach Zuma Dubai.

What is your favourite truffle dish at Zuma?

Wagyu beef tataki with ponzu & thinly sliced seabass with yuzu truffle and salmon roe.

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