A Voyage Into the Unusual at New York’s Oldest Skyscraper

On the list of must-see landmarks in New York you’ll find usual standbys like the Empire State building or Times Square. However, sometimes it pays to wander off the beaten track. This week, Hendrick’s did just that, hosting a Voyage Into the Unusual at the city’s oldest skyscraper, which now stands as an eerily beautiful decaying Golden Age relic. Hendrick’s transformed the space for a Cocktail Academy hosted by renowned mixologist Jim Ryan, as well as two upcoming nights of celebration of the unusual.

The space which Hendrick’s chose for their three-night voyage could not have been more unique; this once-ornate building stood empty for years, only recently opening to host several pop-up events like the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M party. With the site set to close permanently for renovations (reports have either the Thompson Hotel group or the Loews Hotel group pegged as the developers, though the project is being kept quiet), it felt like a magical glimpse into an era frozen in time.

It was the perfect backdrop for Hendrick’s to show the world as they see it. Guests entered through the Botanist’s Den, where the ingredients to the company’s gin (including rose petals and cucumber) were on display in a glass greenhouse. A crashed hot-air balloon marked the entrance to the Explorer’s Lounge, while across the grand lobby, distinguished by its vaulted stained glass ceiling, stood the Apothecary Shop. Jim Ryan led a group of industry insiders through the company’s history before getting down to business with an unforgettable cocktail-making session.

This Wednesday and Thursday night, guests will have the opportunity to share in this premium experience. New York City is the last stop in the year-long “Voyages Into The Unusual” series which saw Hendrick’s travel to Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Unusual cocktails like the Traveler’s Punch and the Carawayfarer will be served alongside the traditional Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic while the band White Ghost Shivers plays live.

For more information about Hendrick’s Voyage Into the Unusual, please visit their website.