Dori’s World: The new David LaChapelle Exhibition, Still Life

David LaChapelle celebrated the opening of his latest exhibit STILL LIFE at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in NYC on Monday night. STILL LIFE addresses the fleeting nature of humanity, fame, celebrity, and power. The exhibit is made up of photographs of destroyed celebrity wax figures.

This body of work began in 2009, when LaChapelle learned of the break-in and vandalism of the National Wax Museum in Dublin, Ireland, and was granted permission to photograph the destroyed figures. LaChapelle continued photographing figures at two additional wax museums ­ one in California and one in Nevada ­ to complete his vision of the collection. With subjects ranging from politicians such as Ronald Reagan, to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jackson, to the artist¹s depiction of The Last Supper including John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene, Still Life presents eerie compositions of dismembered icons.