Channing’s Drink: Macallan’s Fourth Edition in Lalique

The people at The Macallan were so kind to invite me to a lovely luncheon highlighting all of the amazing things that they are doing with the brand. The afternoon took place at the historic Alfred Dupont building.  There were started with a tasting of the 12, 15, 17, and 25 year old vintages of the Macallan Single Malt scotch, from the Spyside region of Scotland,  which has been made for over 200 years in the same place. “The Macallan Brand Ambassador,” Randy Adams, took us through all of the tasting notes and then showed us the piece de resistance, The Macallan 60 years old in Lalique. This is the fourth iteration of The Macallan in Lalique and retails for $20,000. This 60 year old scotch has been distilled by five sherry refill butts, made of Spanish and American oak.  The dates filed on this bottle are the 9th and 10th of November 1950.  The color of the scotch has a gorgeous ruby hue which comes from the Spanish oak and sherry butts.  After a lovely afternoon of tasting, I can say that the 18 year old was my favorite with its rich refined taste.  I added a special sphere of ice, which melts slowly and the slight chill really enhanced the flavor.  I didn’t get to try the 60 year old in Lalique, but that’s surely next on my list.  The bottle is too gorgeous not to have on my bar.