In Focus – A Day In The Life of Kelly Klein

After an enviable career in the fashion industry, Kelly Klein has come into a second phase of life—as a designer-turned-photographer and new mother to son, Lukas. And while her roles at Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are reason enough to spend a day in her shoes, Klein’s seemingly natural, professional crossover is what has us most intrigued.

“Working for both Ralph [Lauren] and Calvin [Klein], I went on a lot of their photo shoots for their advertising campaigns,” Klein says of the transition. “I was able to experience working on the low totem pole as an assistant, and I found that fascinating. When it was time for me to leave fashion, I thought that it would be a perfect extension for me.”

Since landing her first cover with Mirabella, Klein is now celebrating the release of her sixth book, published by Rizzoli, during Art Basel Miami Beach with proceeds benefitting ACRIA: a New York City-based AIDS research and education organization. To celebrate the occasion, Klein is hosting a private event and book signing at The Webster.

“The Webster is my favorite store in Miami,” Klein says of the chosen venue, “and we’re going to have a fun party there and try to raise more money for ACRIA.”

A Day In The Life

Morning I’m one of those people that just gets up and goes, I always have been. In the last five years or so, since I had my baby, my mornings consist of waking up and getting ready for school. And that in itself is a good hour and a half! [laughs]

Mid – Morning I then go to my studio where I shoot fashion stories or whatever it is I am working on. I go every day to my studio. I work on my projects from my studio in New York.

Afternoon I’ll also do things for what I’m working on at the moment, whether it’s my books, a photo session or when I was building my house in Palm Beach.

Evening After picking up my son Lukas, we do some kind of activity and then we go home.

And that’s my life now. This was not always what my life was, but it is today.