Dori’s World: Fun Artwork from Pam Gaslow

My friend Pam Gaslow is a New York City-based artist, author, and designer who combines her artistic talents with her sense of humor to create colorful, whimsical, clever and often tongue-in-cheek hilarious pieces.

Pam started a line of girls clothing in 2005 called Pamela Jo, and In Spring 2009 Pam unveiled her boys line, Handsome Jack. Both Pamela Jo and Handsome Jack designs are, much like Pam’s art and writing – filled with color, humor, a tad of irreverence and a little kitsch.

Here are some photos of Pam’s latest series of artwork, “Classy and Fabulous,” are digital designs printed on canvas that play towards the adult and the child in all of us. With her background in children’s clothing design, the use of bold colors is like eye candy, and intertwining the whimsical ice cream cones with the sophisticated handbags makes them simply irresistible.

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