Haute Fashion Daily Reviews Hervé Léger Spring 2013

At Max and Lubov Azria’s show for Hervé Léger at the Lincoln Center on September 8, the designer proved that the bandage dress still reigns supreme. Indeed, the design-duo managed to capture the title for sexiest show for another year running.

It-models like Kate King strutted to the beat of heavy house in a collection of dresses which looked as if they could jump straight from the runway onto Kim Kardashian. Though the basic design did not change, the aesthetic did; the bandage dresses the Azrias sent down the runway had a new, distinctly tribal aesthetic. Lubov, wife of Max, cited as inspiration Gee’s Bend, a small rural community in Alabama where local women have developed a distinct patchwork pattern over the centuries. The result was a stylish new take on the brand’s perennially sexy-but-basic look. Geometric patterns were further defined with the addition of leather detailing, in the same vein as at Azria’s BCBG show. The leather was incorporated as everything from a BDSM-esque harness to a flattering waist-defining corset. While some dresses reverted to classic black and white instead of patterning, exotic cut-outs worked to give those pieces symmetry with the tribal-feel of the rest of the collection.

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Photos courtesy Style.com