Burberry Introduces Digitally Integrated Flagship Store in London

It’s official, one of the biggest luxury fashion brand in the world have recently opened a digitally integrated showroom. That’s correct! Burberry’s flagship store in London has undergone a complete renovation.

The 192-year old building has been revamped into a digital takeover that features 500 speakers that unveils thunder claps and 100 mirrors/screens that displays models rocking Burberry’s latest line from screen to screen. Also, interactive signage that displays key points and greets shoppers in the building.

Through digital interactivity, the luxury brand hopes to boost its status from its infamous classic trenches and plaids. Burberry Regent Street in London finally opens its doors after two years of renovation to a much more modern interface where associates carry customer information of preferences and past purchases all on iPads. On the floor, RFID chips are placed on several articles of clothing and accessories that interact with store mirrors. These chips show special videos on what items should be put together as an ensemble.

Along with these RFID chips, the store also has WiFi, not to mention customers have an option to check out at a regular cashier or a mobile system courtesy an Apple store, making their shopping experience very worthwhile.

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