The Favored Car of Wealthy Californians May Surprise You

The richest people in California aren’t, surprisingly, dropping their dough on luxury cars like a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Rolls Royce as could be expected. In fact, these elite few prefer the eco-friendly Toyota Prius.

After surveying the wealthiest U.S. zip codes to see what the haute monde are buying, automotive website TrueCar established that in three of the top ten, a Prius was either the first or second choice.

All of those zip codes, as it happens, are in California.

Explains Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence for TrueCar: “They’re not buying it because it’s cheap. They’re buying it because it symbolizes a certain lifestyle and gets a message out. Plus, it’s extremely practical for stop-and-go traffic, parking and gas mileage.”

Toprak added that the Prius is “one of the only cheaper vehicles that still gives you an image of status.It shows that if automakers can see a way to design and market a vehicle that reaches across different demographics, there’s no reason why they can’t reach every income level. The Prius is a good example of that.”

The other cars to top the list of wealthy LA resident’s favored luxury vehicles include: Mercedes Benz’s C and E  Classes, the BMW 328 and, also surprisingly, the Volkswagon Jetta.

[Source: Huffington Post]

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