Swell Attitude Changes Attitudes With Threads

San Francisco has your typical walk in tailors and seamstress maniacs, in which, one might think Cinderella’s mice troop is behind the scenes of the whole mess. But, who really wants some mice working on their most precious cargo goods? Well, a taste of luxury for those fashionable threads are now offered by San Francisco’s Swell Attitude.

This just isn’t your basic drop off and pick up in an hour tailor. Swell Attitude has hibernated in San Francisco and the founders/co-founders migrated all the way from Paris. Men desire a fashionable dame to accompany them for a martini, a stroll to Saks Fifth Avenue or maybe a daring evening to the cigar and brandy room, don’t they? It’s not just tailoring a blazer or two, mending a button or an unseamed pant leg; they want to know what you are really wearing and where you are going. What is ones favorite sports car? Where do you go for those weekend get-a ways? What is that favorite cocktail during a work week or what kind of cigar does one like to step out for? It’s not just; here is the suit you brought in for mending. Swell Attitude offers fashion therapy for those distraught gentlemen and they offer advice with paring those right threads amongst their custom label. Attitude wants to know who you are, whether one is taking a trip to the Hamptons, attending that routine Yacht Club soiree or maybe even San Francisco’s Black and White Ball.

The pristine touch of Attitude’s threads does fall in the hands of founders, Khan Kanga and Jerry Folly Kossi. Not to mention their deriving crew of Attitude, these consultants can personally shop for one and bring the goods to you, without one being spotted in a fashion dilemma. They can surely save one from those distratous embarrassments moments of pairing plaids and stripes, which is a fashion don’t! What style does Attitude offer? Well, that can entirely be up to one or leave it to the fashion therapists themselves, but expect to be the boast and toast of the town. It won’t be your typical Macy’s clearance suit, but maybe a dash of charm, a touch of elegance, but not flamboyant and a finishing touch of sleekness and just plain dapper to the picture. Gentlemen…think Bond, James Bond! Or if that is too much on the danger side for one, it can always be taken down a notch, with just a dose of that Harvard preppy look and a sleek George Clooney look.

If this still seems to keep one confused on what they offer and how they can transform one into the perfect it man, join them on Thursday evening at Circa on 2001 Chestnut Street, from 5:30 to 9:30 for a sophisticated happy hour. Yes, there is a casual chic dress code enforced, but one might need to attend this event for saviour!