Secret Miami Millionaire Marcus Lemonis Gives Back to his Hometown

ABC’s Secret Millionaire invites successful and affluent individuals to experience life in the shoes of those living in impoverished communities. And one of Miami’s own millionaires, CEO of Camping World/Good Sam Marcus Lemonis, is the show’s most recent participant.

During his experience on the show, Lemonis took to Liberty City where he lived undercover in a roach-infested trailer for a week. The accomodations were a far cry away from the luxury lifestyle Lemonis has become accustomed to, but throughout it all, his attitude stayed positive. “Being from Miami, I’m very comfortable wherever I go,’’ he said. “It’s not that I frequent those areas, but I know it well enough that it’s not a big deal.” At the end of the week, Lemonis revealed his identity and made donations to three local charities, including NVEEE, Neat Stuff and New Journeys Transitional Home. But his charitable efforts have not ended with the show. “My contributions didn’t stop when the show stopped,’’ he continued. “I continue to give back in meaningful ways.”