Los Angeles Movie Theaters Receive Gourmet Food and Alcohol Overhaul

Image: perkinsonproperties.com

Local movie theaters in Los Angeles are joining full-service film venues that are now offering gourmet food and alcoholic beverages to movie goers.

Theaters such as West Hollywood’s Sunset 5, which is now owned by Robert Redford’s Sundance Group, Hollywood’s ArcLight, Pasadena’s OneColorado and Westwod’s Landmark, Sundance Cinemas in Los Angeles will soon be selling higher priced tickets as customers can enjoy improved food and beer and wine for screenings attended by the 21 and older crowd.

Westwood’s AvCo Theater will also soon join in on the upgraded movie viewing options, with higher tickets prices that include seat-side meal service and liquor. With plans to reopen in early 2013, it’s likely that the theater will see increased sales due to the new service and being part of the mall’s expansive remodel.

If films aren’t doing well, theater owners need more than just revenue from films and concessions to drive the business. So the continue to look for ways to expand audience or diversify revenue, such as incorporating “dine-in” components to movie viewing. Instead of rushing through a meal elsewhere before the showing, customers can now enjoy everything under one roof. 

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