Honoring Helen Gurley Brown

“Cosmopolitan is for the woman who wants it all; the man, the manicure, and the MBA”. These are the words of the late Helen Gurley Brown, the woman who revolutionized our notion of the modern woman. Brown passed away this week at the age of 90, leaving behind an incredible legacy.

In 1965, Brown was tapped to reverse the fortunes of the flagging Cosmopolitan magazine. During her thirty-two year tenure as editor-in-chief, she transformed Cosmopolitan from a failing literary magazine into the glossy women’s monthly about sex, celebrity, career and fashion that we know today. The magazine echoed Brown’s distinctively genuine, funny voice, with a mantra of sharing women’s experiences in the hope of helping others. In the process, Cosmopolitan became one of the best-selling monthly magazines in the US and abroad. The magazine has 64 global editions, empowering women as far away as Indonesia and even Kazakhstan.