Dori’s World: Dinner with Jonah Hill, Jordan Belfort and Barry Gesser at Nobu 57

Last night Jordan Belfort, Barry Gesser, Jonah Hill, Jill and Jon Schuster and I all had dinner at Nobu. Jordan has a movie being made about him called the World of Wall Street where he is being played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Barry, Jordan and Johan were in deep discussion about back in the day when they were younger so Jonah could get a sense of the character—since Jonah is playing Jordan’s partner. Martin Scorsese is directing the movie—which they have yet to start filming, but it’s sure to become a blockbuster. Nobu 57 was happening Monday night—Serena Williams was also there holding court, and another table was filled with the of the Caryes and the Berts families, as well as Jane and Richie Notar, who are about to have a baby.