5 Questions with: Jessica Garcia, Founder and Designer of Ola Feroz Swimwear

1. Tell us about some of the most exciting developments in the brand today.

Since starting Ola Feroz Swimwear, everything about it has been exciting. The response has been beyond amazing. For over two years I had been running the business from my guest bedroom and now I have my very own store. The store has really taken things to the next level and soon enough we’ll be launching a new website, which will make online ordering a lot easier.

2. Who would be a dream collaborator for you? 

Since I don’t sell wholesale or plan to anytime soon, I would love to collaborate with other major brands to create an exclusive “by Jessica Garcia” collection.

I would also like to collab with some swim boutiques in the near future to offer them an exclusive Ola Feroz Collection that can only be ordered through their store. I would provide the samples for fittings and customers can just order through them. This would be ideal for my following in Hawaii for example, so that they can physically see and try on my bikinis before ordering.

3. Tell us about your bespoke service. How does the custom bikini concept work?

I prefer to use the term “made to order”. When people think custom, they expect that I’ll make them whatever they want. I have certain styles and fabrics to choose from, depending on which collection is available. At my store, customers will come in (by appointment only) and try on the styles they like. Since everything is sold separately there is a lot to choose from. The sizes run standard small, medium, and large, but if someone need modifications or tailoring, then I fit them accordingly. For the most part, the size chart is on point and the styles are already designed to fit great, so I’m not doing as much tailoring as I used to when I first started. Half of my business is from online orders and I very rarely have any issues with sizing. I think what my customers enjoy most is the fact that they can choose the style and fabric to create their perfect bikini.

4. Which style has the brand produced that you’re most proud of, or that you feel most exemplifies the brand? 

When I first started and I was living in Costa Rica I had developed a pair of bottoms that were genius. I called them the Convertible Bottoms. They were made with moderate coverage, but with the pull of a drawstring they would turn into a thong (great for tanning). I tried to patent it when I moved back, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. However, I’m still so proud of myself for coming up with it. I always try to produce styles that are unique, but conventional. It’s hard to work with something so tiny, but I’ve managed to come up with awesome pieces that all sell equally as well. There are a lot of reversible and convertible pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces such as my braided halter-top and braided bottom, which I have yet to see anyone else do. The more experience I gain from sewing, the more creative I get. I’m always coming out with new stuff to keep things fresh, and so that I don’t get bored either!

 5. How can bikini addicts get their hands on an Ola Feroz? 

Just as an Ola Feroz (fierce wave) is hard to catch, an Ola Feroz bikini is a challenge to get as well.  My intent for this is to weed out the impulsive shoppers and really concentrate on the girls who are looking for something extraordinary. Since everything is made at my store, this also puts a bit of control on the demand so that I can be sure to provide a perfect product. Simply fill out the following form (click here) to contact us. We’ll add you to our VIP list and provide you with a password to view our online catalog. Local girls can just call to make an appointment for a fitting. Once you get your first Ola Feroz bikini, you’ll be hooked.