Ten Largest Single-Family Homes in Greater Los Angeles

Image: eonline.com

Los Angeles is known for its glitz and glam with Hollywood elite and A-list stars often showcasing the city as one of the world’s hotspots, so it comes as no surprise that Los Angeles is also home to some massive mansions – including a 52,503-square-foot mansion that tops the list for the ten largest homes in greater Los Angeles.

Perhaps as no surprise, “The Manor”, which was previously owned by the Spelling family and currently owned by Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone, tops the list with its 52,503 square feet of luxurious living space. The Manor is located at 594 S. Mapleton Dr. in Los Angeles and it was sold last summer to Ecclestone for $85 million.

The second largest single-family residence in Los Angeles is owned by Hyatt heir Anthony Pritzker, who has an estate at 1261 Angelo Dr. that measures in at a reported 49,300 square feet. An architecture firm in Paris designed the home.

Image: Mark Holtzman for The Wall Street Journal

Other extremely large single-family residences include:

3. 457 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles (45,891 sq. ft.)

Image: la.curbed.com

4. Le Belvedere at 630 Nimes Rd, Los Angeles (35,378 sq. ft.)

5. Fleur de Lys at 350 N Carolwood Dr. Los Angeles (35,046 sq. ft.)

Image: MLS

6. 49 N Beverly Park Cir, Los Angeles (31,355 sq. ft.)

Image: la.curbed.com

7. 3740 Effingham Pl, Los Angeles (29,620 sq. ft.)

8. Casa Encantada at 10644 Bellagio Rd, Los Angeles (28,725 sq. ft.)

Image: la.curbed.com

9. Steven Udvar-Hazy Residence at 67 Beverly Park Ct, Los Angeles (28,660 sq. ft.)

10. 18 Beverly Park Dr. Los Angeles (28,222 sq. ft.)

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