The $175 Steak: True Indulgence at Echo Park's Allston Yacht Club

Many may feel it’s absurd to even ponder spending such a hefty price tag for food and dining, but others are just as eager to hear about The Vagrancy Project at Allston Yacht Club newest two-and-a-half pound rib-eye steak for $175, along with Miles Thomson’s $70 tasting menus.

Over the last five years, Echo Park has received flack for having such an outrageous menu with such comments as, “EVERYONE who goes to this restaurant should be deeply ashamed of themselves for spending that kind of money on a single meal for themselves,” and “To my mind, this is criminal.”

But other restaurant goers have defended the restaurant, along with its practices. According to an anonymous voice, “What is so special about Echo Park that would disallow high-end steak to be sold here?…as a very wealthy gentleman I am happy that I will be able to try this out,” while others have a different take on spending such an amount.

Even though The Vagrancy Project is a pop-up, doesn’t mean that many residences shouldn’t be too concerned that high-end dining will take over the area. In fact more and more upscale restaurants are being revamped to be more suitable for all parties.

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