42 Raw: Food in London as Nature Intended

Where do the ladies of luxury and leisure lunch? Only dining on the finest, healthiest vegetables and grains? I’ve actually discovered one of their secrets, or at least the spot where they’ve made a deal with the devil!

42°Raw is a new, secret hideaway for only those in the know. Meet London’s fountain of youth for food.

While walking down Burlington Gardens road, peering in between the columns of this massive, Neo-Palladian villa looking for 42° Raw, you begin to notice all these fabulously, glamourous women, leisurely lunching at this adorable, outdoor cafe.
I actually became more intrigued by this hidden restaurant who seemingly catered to the who’s who in Mayfair and to my delight, this WAS 42° Raw!

Lovely pots of fragrant rosemary decorate the outdoor tables. I was excited to try the food!

We were lucky enough to meet the founder of 42° Raw, Jesper Rydahl. A young, handsome 36 year old, with an already successful branch of 42° Raw in Copenhagen, Jesper just opened 42° Raw about a year ago here in central London, Mayfair.

His ingredients contain nothing but unprocessed, raw plant foods, untouched by sugar, dairy products and preservatives.

While the colors of our food were almost too pretty to be plucked and eaten, they smelled divine. I opted for the most food I could try at once with the tapas selection of Lasagna, Thai noodles and Avocado sandwich. While there are a myriad of sales to choose from, I wanted to try all of it!

The Lasagna was my favorite, with cashew cream as the cheese, courgettes, tomatoes, walnuts, parsley and baby spinach. Tasted incredible!!

The Avocado came in a close second with a raw, crispy seed and nut bread, avocados, baby spinach, tomatoes, red onions and chili mayo.

Thai noodles rounded off a delicious lunch, made of carrots, courgettes, curry, red chili, ginger and coconut.

A wonderful and refreshing meal that was absolutely delicious. Eating it, you feel like you are doing something devilishly wrong, but Jesper makes sure all the ingredients are age-defyingly delicious so you are definitely doing something right!

My last treat was the MUST HAVE cocoa and date shake. Not only is it extremely healthy for your, with very low amounts of sugar, it tastes incredible. I loved the very slight sweet taste from the dates and the heavy, raw chocolate, full of antioxidants.

I often travel the city looking for some vegetarian dishes that are quick, light and won’t break the bank. 42° Raw is perfect for that, in a central location, at a beautiful, old, historic building, with excellent food. No wonder these London ladies are so perfectly put together. Jesper’s deal with the devil has provided them with a fountain of youth right here in Mayfair!


42° Raw is located at:
6 Burlington Gardens, City of Westminster, London W1S, Great Britain
Opening Hours 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon – Sat