Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson Love Haute and Healthy Neuro Drinks

New Neuro beverages are quickly becoming the hautest food trend since fro-yo.

Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford and Elton John are just a few of the celebrities that sip Neuro for its crisp flavor and health benefits. Leading nutrition experts combine essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to create the new beverage line, which promises to improve and boost certain aspects of our lives.

The Neuro line includes a total of six different choices in drinks, each with a different purpose. Kim Kardashian has been spotted with NeuroSonic, a beverage that aims to increase mental alertness and concentration. Paris Hilton has been seen enjoying the NeuroBliss, which contains a formula that promotes happiness by relieving stress.

Rest well after drinking NeuroSleep with Melatonin and catch up on Vitamin D with NeuroSun. NeuroPassion provides sustained energy, perfect for long days on the beach or in the office.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson offers Neuro at her gyms and encourages all to incorporate the drink into their workouts.

Hurry and find which Neuro drink can add something to your life. Find out more at