Find Inner Peace and Quiet at AIRE Ancient Baths in Tribeca

New Yorkers search high and low for places to relax. Noise is always an issue so we make do with a rooftop away from the streets, or a spa that is at least tucked away in a quieter neighborhood.

Somehow in the midst of Tribeca, AIRE Ancient Baths makes for one of the most relaxing and transcendental experiences I’ve found within our crowded city. Taking the idea of water baths as therapeutic relaxation, you might as well be living in the medieval times once you step into the underground lair on Franklin Street.

There are some other bathhouses in the city but most are over crowded and a no frills experience. For me, I welcome the frills, the cleanliness and the spirituality at AIRE. The co-ed baths are dark and mysterious, and include a saltwater floatation pool, freshwater tepid hot and cold-water baths and a hammam. Sessions are two hours, which is more than enough time to turn off your mind and stretch your muscles out—something we often forget to do but is so important to body alignment and flexibility.

Depending on the session you choose, there are massages provided at AIRE too, but unlike being whisked away to a white walked hallway, you are tucked into a screened alcove where your rubdown is customized to your tastes. It’s sexy, mysterious, and perfect to do on your own, with a partner, or even a group of friends.

AIRE is the perfect example of taking time tested ancient practices, but offering them to a high end clientele in a way that they feel they are being pampered in a clean and luxury environment. Come winter when your muscles are stiff and we are all looking for a warm soothing way to unwind I imagine this place is going to catch on, so get in now to learn your way around and get to know the staff that was more than willing to guide you through a bathing program that is most beneficial for your mind, body and soul.

For information on pricing and scheduling, go click here.

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