One Of Scuderia Ferrari’s First Cars Estimated To Auction For $1.2 Million

One of Scuderia Ferrari’s first three cars from the 1930 Mille Miglia race will be up for grabs at the upcoming Bonhams’ Monaco Motor Cars Auction May 11.

Scuderia Ferrari is the racing team of Ferrari automobile mark, founded by Enzo Ferrari. This particular car, a 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750, was part of Scuderia’s first completed race and was driven by Luigi Scarfiotti, a political activist and amateur racing driver. A team of three Alfa Romeos entered the race, driven by Ferrari partners Alfredo Caniato, Mario Tadini and Luigi Scarfiotti. Scarfiotti also used the car on the road before selling it back to Alfa Romeo.

Scarfiotti preferred a distinctive, sporty and elegant car that could be used for both racing and political parades. The car was registered in Italy on April 1, 1930, and at the time of registration, the declared value was 70,000 Lire or $4,200. It’s two-seater body was built by Ugo Zagato, who was asked by Scuderia Ferrari to build a lightweight body for the Mille Miglia race.