LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault Compared to a Pig Farmer by Marc Jacobs


Nowadays it seems like French billionaires have the worse luck. First, super model Linda Evangelista tries to crumble PPR chief Francois-Henri Pinault in a brutal fight over child support that may cost the billionaire $46,000 per month. Now, Marc Jacobs compares LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault to a pig farmer.

Ironically, none other than a pig farmer from the movie Babe is who the billionaire resembles. According to Tina Gaudoin, a writer from the Wall Street Journal had a recent interview with Jacobs and here’s what the designer had to say:

“I’ve said before that working for Mr. Arnault is like working for the farmer in the movie Babe. I mean, he’s never going to jump up and down with exuberance, and the most he can say has often been the equivalent of ‘That’ll do pig.’ But now he does praise me, which is great.”