Louis Vuitton Golf Bags 2012

Photo: hyperbeast.com

The French fashion house has just made golfing much more interesting with their newest edition to their signature, stylish leather handbag line, Louis Vuitton Golf Bags. The classy golfer’s carry-on official has an upgrade made of cowhide leather that comes in the classic Monogram or Damier print making this item a must-have.

Louis Vuitton Golf Bags come with several pockets, perfect for additional items like golf balls, clothing or umbrellas, as well as enough room to carry a full set of golf clubs. Even though, these stylish bags may not help your skills on the course, but at least you can look good while putting or teeing off. The luxury golfer bags range from $12,000 to 13,500 depending on the style, so why not treat yourself?

Source: Trendhunter.com