Haute Toys: Steve Jobs Memo from Atari Days Auctioned by Sotheby’s

Images: Cult of Mac

A memo written by the late Steve Jobs to his former co-workers at Atrari has been posted by Sotheby’s auction house. The memo is expected to be a highly coveted piece at auction because the last time Sotheby’s sold a Steve Jobs document in December 2011, it sold for $1.6 million.

Written by Steve Jobs to his then-supervisor Stephen Bristow, the memo suggested changes he had for Atari’s World Cup Soccer arcade game. The memo was written on Atari letterhead but includes a stamp with the “All-One Farm Design,” which was Steve Job’s company, along with the address of the garage where Jobs and Steve Wozniak would soon make history with the Apple Computer.

Jobs began working for Atari in 1974 after leaving Reed College. He worked night shifts so that he could improve the designs of existing Atari games. At Atari, Jobs learned about creating products that need no manual and are so uncomplicated that “a stoned freshman could figure them out.” He took this philosophy to his Apple creations.

Source: Cult of Mac