Haute Interview with Tinsley Mortimer

While on her whirlwind book tour, Tinsley Mortimer, once NYC’s most photographed socialite-turned-author, sat down with Haute Living San Francisco to dish about her new novel, signature style and secret tattoo.    In the perfect setting of Neiman Marcus SF’s The Rotunda and surrounded by pink cake pops and candy coloured Hpnotiq Harmonie cocktails (deceptively strong!), Tinsley signed books for avid fans and showed everyone her picture perfect pose.

HL: Since Haute Living is a luxury lifestyle magazine, what is one thing you can’t live without,  something u indulge in?
TM: I always pamper myself with scented candles.  They make the room look beautiful and me feel pretty.  Jo Malone and Rigaud are my favorites, because they have tons of perfume in them.  On the practical side I can live without  Klorane dry shampoo. Being able to keep a blowout for more than a day is amazing and the time it saves me is life changing!

HL: 3 people, fictional or real, living or dead, who you would like to invite to a dinner party and why?
TM: Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Jacqueline de Ribes are three names that quickly come to mind,  though there are so many historical figures I would love to entertain, as well.  The reason I suggest these ladies is that they  lived their lives with a certain decorum and style I admire.  In the South, we assume that one will have substance, be polite, be kind, be nice, but that person also needs to present himself/herself to the world with an individual unique well-developed style that identifies them as special.  These ladies accomplished this abundantly.

HL: When u were writing your book, and had writer’s block, what did you do to over come it?
I would stop and get in bed with my precious Chihuahuas and watch cartoons, which always takes me back to the safeness and security of childhood.  Afterwards, I felt relaxed and confident to continue writing.  Indeed, that time was well-spent, since my baby girl Chihuahua Bella died suddenly at the start of my book tour.   I treasure every moment I had with her.

HL: So you’re on a 14 city book tour!  How many outfits did you pack and are you dressing to reflect each city i.e. LA you were Herve Leger…SF you’re wearing this boho chic sparkly number…NY…
TL: Wow!  You really nailed me.  Yes, I do consider the city I will be in when I decide which dress to wear.  I get a little edgier in more metropolitan cities and a little fluffier in Southern cities.  Having said that, I chose a lavender cupcake of a dress for the start of the book parties in New York City by Rafael Cennamo.  I just felt that the dress perfectly represented the company I’m on tour with – Hpnotiq Harmonie.  Their brand showcases the most beautiful lilac bottles filled with delicious liquor necessary for making the most fabulous cocktails imaginable. My favorite is the Minty Julip inspired by the main character in my book. As far as packing for the tour, thankfully I had a two-day break in the middle where I was able to return to NYC to repack.  I do pack a different dress for each city, and if there are two events in a city, I have to pack two.  Even so, I am able to travel with only one large suitcase and a small hanging bag for the fluffier dresses.

HL: So finally…tell us more about your tattoo!  What’s a nice southern girl like you with that!
TL: Ha ha ha!!! That’s what my mother thought.  She still hasn’t forgiven me!!! I think I just had a rebellious moment and decided to have my dogs’ names tattooed (tiny) across my wrist! Since Bella just died I absolutely love having her name where I can see it everyday.

Photography Credit:  Drew Altizer