Haute Fashion Daily: Giorgio Armani Designs Costumes for Lady Gaga’s Asian Tour

Photo: My Fashion Life

Lady Gaga has been known for some of the most interesting, yet over the top stage outfits. Some may even say that Lady Gaga’s style fits the very persona that she exudes on stage and throughout her music. Well, to help kick off her Born This Way Ball Asian tour which started on April 27th, Giorgio Armani has signed on to design four costumes for Lady Gaga.

The designer himself may have out done himself by designing some very unique and chic bodices for the pop star. Fashionable outfits that include: a bodice designed with guitars as a pattern, a long bodice with matching triangular headpiece, another bodice made with black spikes on the shoulders to compliment the shiny black material used, and a tubular PVC bodice decorated with metal studs.

It seems that Giorgio Armani had such a wonderful time designing Lady Gaga. Here’s what the designer had to say “collaborating with Lady Gaga is always an exciting experience for me,” the designer went on to speak highly of the star’s fashion sense. “I admire the way she uses fashion as a scenic element and as means to build a character.”