World’s Most Expensive One-Bedroom Apartment on Sale in Tokyo

The most expensive one-bedroom apartment in the world is funnily enough known as “The House”, a residency in Tokyo’s luxurious neighborhood of Minami-Azabu, now on sale for $21.8 million. To compare: currently, the most expensive one-bedroom apartment in New York is listed at $9 million.

Don’t let the lack of bedroom disinterest you, however. “The House” is a whopping 4,434 square-feet in size and contains plenty of other rooms and splendid interiors to fill up the space. Features within this luxury is a Hibachi-style kitchen to entertain guests, terraces and courtyards, an immense walk-in closet with a place to store 200 or more pairs of shoes, custom-designed furniture by Cecoti Collezioni, famous original Japanese artwork and imported walls, floors and doors from Italy.

Walk-In Closet