Most Outrageous Luxury Purchases in March

The March madness is almost over and has left some outrageous purchases in its tracks. Here are some of the biggest luxury purchases for March.

A 110-pound chocolate egg broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive non-jeweled chocolate egg this month. The egg, designed by London-based William Curley, was sold for $11,200 at auction.

Orson Welles’ personal typewriter was auctioned off this month with a starting bid of just $500. The typewriter was sold to one of the 17 very interested bidders for a final price of $33,400. It dates back to the ‘30s and ‘40s and is the same typewriter that Orson Welles used to write the famed movie “Citizen Cane”.

Glenfiddich’s rare bottle of Janet Sheed Roerts Reserve whisky was sold at auction for $94,000. The bottle was made in honor of Glenfiddich founder William Grant’s granddaughter Janet Sheed Robert’s 110th birthday and also celebrated the legendary whisky company’s 125th anniversary. This was only one of 11 bottles produced.

For his 18th birthday, Justin Bieber’s received a $100,000 Karma Fisker electric car from his manager.

A restored 1912 Oldsmobile Limited was sold for $3.3 million at auction and hit the list as the most expensive Oldsmobile ever sold, now an extinct model.

Selling for $4.4 million in Florida, the 1973 Porsche 917/30 Can-Am was dubbed the most expensive Porsche ever sold. It is just one of four models built by Porsche and is considered too fast for racing, traveling at a whopping 240 miles per hour.

The second-most expensive watch ever sold was a Hublot worth $5 million. The watch is white gold and has 1,282 diamonds encrusted around it weighing more than 100 carat.