Leaked: Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe Photos

Benz lovers are reveling over the recently leaked photos of the automaker’s Concept Style four-door Coupe before the car’s official debut at the Transmission LA culture festival.

The goal of the new CLC is to seamlessly marry the practicality of a sedan and the stimulating styling of a coupe. This sub-genre was invented by Mercedes in 2004 when the first-generation CLS debuted. Since its inception, cars like the Volkswagen CC and Hyundai Sonata have adopted the same four-door coupe look. BMW even added two doors to its 640i to create the look, crea its 640i Gran Coupe.

Mercedes has moved to capitalize on the four-door coupe’s popularity by introducing a smaller model. The car will feature many of Mercedes-Benz’s signature style marks, but with curvier lines; the creases and character lines will be determinedly more fluid. Defined lines radiate from a bold, massive grille.