Hong Kong Businessman Buys $38,000 Rare Golden Fish

Image: Associated Foreign Press/ABC News

An unidentified businessman from Hong Kong has just purchased a rare golden fish for $38,000. During a Fishery Ghat market near Chittagong port in Bangladesh, the businessman won a bidding war between at least 500 other traders.

Those he is choosing to remain anonymous, the Hong Kong businessman who won the bid for a $38,000 golden snapper is certainly receiving recognition. ABC news is reporting that he outbid approximately 500 other bidders at the busy Fishery Ghat market near the Chittagong port in Bangladesh.

The golden snapper weights 38kg and features glistening golden scales – a rarity since typically snapper has red or silver scales. The snapper’s flesh and bladder are considered delicacies in Asia. According to Norman Siddiqui, a Zoology professor from the Marine Fisheries Academy in Chittagong, only three or four golden snappers are caught in the Bay of Bengal each year.

Source: Luxury Insider