Haute Toys: Inta’s Diamond Jubilee Special Edition Faucet

Image: intatec.co.uk

Bathroom equipment manufacturer Inta has announced their plans to create a Diamond Jubilee special edition faucet in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the British throne.

Publicized as the faucet that could very well be “the world’s most extravagant”, Inta’s creation will feature 10 heirloom quality 10-carat diamonds as centerpieces in addition to 50-quarter carat diamonds. Priced at £30,000, the faucet will be revealed in June during a garden party at Intas Staffordshire headquarters.

Inta’s commercial director Cynthia Fisher said, “This tap is incredibly flamboyant, but some customers have more money than style and we do like to cater for the high end market too. Our Diamond Jubilee tap will feature 60 diamonds in total and we’re confident that it could grace any of the royal palace bathrooms. We’re hoping it will be the most fitting, if not ostentatious tribute to Her Majesty this year.”

Source: IntaTec