Haute Toys: Babe Ruth Baseball Expected to Fetch $50,000 at Auction

Image: extravaganzi.com

The baseball that Babe Ruth slammed out of the park on his 136th home run during an away game when the Yankees visited the St. Louis Browns at Sportsman’s park in 1921 will head to auction on May 4-5.

Expected to fetch upwards of $50,000, the baseball will be offered by Heritage during the Sports Collectables Auction in May. The day Ruth hit this particular baseball out of the park is one of the greatest days in baseball history for his fans. On July 12, 1921, Ruth hit his 136th career home run, which was his 33rd of the season, during an away game against the St. Louis Browns.

Dubbed the “Home Run King”, Babe Ruth tied with Roger Connor’s career record of 136 home runs during his first homer of the game, but when he his hit second home run that game, he officially became “the king”.

Prior to its upcoming appearance in the auction, the celebrated baseball was owned by 93-year-old D. Berkeley Smith of Waterloo, Iowa. When he was a teenager, his uncle, who had attended the game, gave him the baseball.

Source: AuctionNewsNetwork