Haute Couture: Karl Lagerfeld to Design VIP Helicopters

Image: styleite.com

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is constantly taking on new projects and the latest involves Aircraft company Agusta Westland who have asked Lagerfeld to design the inside and outside of AW129 twin-turbine helicopters.

Constantly exploring new projects, Lagerfeld keeps himself busy with anything and everything design-related. Just this past year he has been a guest editor for Metro and a political cartoonist for Elle France and now he has reportedly signed on to design VIP helicopters.

Augusta Westland, an aircraft company, has asked Lagerfeld to design the interior and exterior of new VIP helicopters. Able to carry up to 15 passengers, the AW139 twin-turbine helicopter with Lagerfeld design is Augusta Westland’s way of “introducing a new, limited edition and customized solution for its growing customer base.”

According to Westland, in addition to accommodating 15 people, the helicopter will feature a spacious and comfortable cabin with an ample baggage compartment.

Lagerfeld’s other collaborations include designing bottles for Diet Coke and crystal glasses for Orrefors. He has also directed commercials for Magnum and guest edited a recent issue of Paris’ Metro newspaper. He’s done 20 odd collections a year with Chanel, Fendi and Hogan in addition to his own lines, Karl Lagerfeld and Karl.

Source: FashionLoving