Haute Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier Designs Limited Edition Diet Coke Bottles

Image: gizmodiva.com

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is the creative director for Diet Coke this year and he has just released a limited edition collection of Diet Coke bottles named “Day” and “Night”.

Branching out from the fashion world while still remaining relevant and creative, Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest creative offering with Diet Coke is a testament to his multi-faceted talents. Dubbed “Day” and “Night” the limited edition bottles were unveiled with British actress Gemma Arterton’s help in London recently.

The “Day” bottle features the Gaultier signature Breton stripes while the “Night” bottle exudes a more feminine spirit with a corset design. The bottles will be available at Harvey Nichols stores in the U.K. as of April 16. If you purchase the collector’s set, you will also receive a limited edition iconic Diet Coke glass that has a blue and white stripy motif.

A third offering, dubbed “Tattoo”, will be available later this year, also designed and created by Gaultier.

Source: Luxury Launches