Harrods Celebrates Diamond Jubilee with Special Product Line and Store Celebrations

Images: LuxuryDaily

London’s most exclusive high-end shopping department store, Harrods, is joining in on the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne.

Located in Knightsbridge, Harrods department store has created a digital campaign for local consumers to coincide with the city’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Using email and Pinterest to market its Diamond Jubielee products, Harrods will subsequently host in-store events.

New York-based premium and luxury brand digital strategist, Vic Drabicky, said, “The Diamond Jubilee is a hugely important moment for the entire nation, so the brand could benefit greatly from associating themselves with the event. It is a moment of national pride and associating Harrods with the event should give the brand a boost.” Though not affliated with Harrods, Drabicky commented based on his knowledge of the industry and added, “If Harrods is able to associate itself with the event in an inventive way that is more than just ‘we make a special product, spend money with us,’…it has a chance to further engrain the brand as part of the national culture, which is invaluable.”

Harrods’ Diamond Jubilee collection includes plates, mugs, pillows, keychains, food products, tote bags and towels, some with the Harrods logo and a British flag, and some with Harrods’ signature prints.

“There is no better way for a huge, historical luxury brand to show that it is still adapting to meet the needs of its customers than by embracing the digital channel,” Drabicky said. “I think the digital channel as a whole is the best way to reach luxury consumers. Affluent consumers spend more time online than most other demographics.”

The in-store events that will coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations include a Diamond Jubilee party on May 31 in the department store’s remarkable food halls. Offering guests after-hours access to the high-end food hall, Harrods will serve British fare like fish pie, toad in the hole, potted shrimp and mini fish and chips. Tickets to this event cost $128 and include food and drink.

Up in Harrods’ on-site pet spa, they will be offering a Doggy Diamond Spa Treatment as of May 1 In addition to receiving a limited edition Union Jack Harrods bow and Union Jack ‘pupcake’ for each pet, the treatment includes a John Paul Pet Royal Awapoochi Deep Shine shampoo treatment, customized blow dry and a diamond sparkle treatment for $48.

Source: Luxury Daily

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