Dori’s World: Big Kid At Heart

I don’t have kids, but Friday afternoon and evening I definitely felt like I did!

I picked up my twin nieces from school since my sister and her husband were off to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. My  nieces and I met my parents for a quick snack at La Bottega before they left for Europe for a few weeks and then Then Stella, Marlee and I were off to Make Meaning. It is such a great place and they really took care of us there. Stella made a cake with all sorts of hearts and designs, Marlee made cupcake soaps with tons of shapes and they both made heart shaped candles in yellow, pink, purple and red. They also made jewlery and then we all got candy and bought little dolls as gifts. We had a blast!

Then off to Benihana, with Tara Ford Speigel and her daughters- one also named Stella and the other named Scarlet. Also with us was Lara Stolman Walensky, her son Max and Karen Stolman. Then it was off to Dylan Lauren’s candy store Dylan’s Candy Bar. All the children’s eyes lit up when we were inside. Stella and Marlee got cupcakes while Tara’s kids bought bags of treats. Also there was Eugenia Silva and her super stylish nieces in from Spain. It was their first time at Dylan’s and they had so much fun picking out their treats.

What an evening to be a kid!

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