Diddy Shows Love For Social Media at Ciroc Party in Beverly Hills

Photo: Billboard.biz

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been known to make an entrance when making appearances at several events. However, this was an event that was unlike most for the brand ambassador for CIROC vodka. This was indeed an event to show his appreciation and to simply say “thank you” to all the online entertainment websites and bloggers that have supported CIROC vodka over the years, helping the company reach such great heights.

As guests arrived they were greeted by Integrated Marketing and PR rep with The Blue Flame Agency, Ryan Stender in which he cleverly escorted them to the bar where he pushed CÎROC’s success through marketing the product. All press had the opportunity to enjoy the view of a private room in the back of the hotel, where the bar was stocked with CÎROC-infused cocktails.

The lists of guests included writer Dahvi Shira from People.com, entertainment reporter for Fox News, Hollie McKay, Caroline Roman from the Daily Truffle, food blogger from Domestic Divas, Jennifer Brody and Rex Pham of Uncvr.net. Also, Joshua Ballinger from Family Industries that helped guests with custom screen-printed t-shirts for the CÎROC brand.

In 2007, Sean “Diddy” Combs partnered with Diageo managing and overseeing all marketing and branding strategies were implemented for the vodka. He expressed his appreciation to many reporters, writers, bloggers and editors by stopping by the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday, by throwing such a wonderful event.

“CÎROC has been built and made a success through social media – through the different sites, through the different blogs, through the different blogs, through the different bloggers,” said Combs about the impact social media has made for his successful business venture. Combs went on to talk about the statistics of CÎROC: “I went and did some research yesterday. CÎROC is mentioned every eight seconds online. Our competitor, Grey Goose is mentioned every one minute and some change. That’s a big deal. We get a lot of support from you guys because you guys know what tastes good and ya’ll are up all night blogging – probably drinking CÎROC – and you like to have a good time but this brand has been made and will go to the future and will become the #1 ultra premium vodka because of social media.”

Many may have not known, but CÎROC was once No. 45 for ultra premium vodka, but over the last four years has become No. 2, after Grey Goose. With impressive numbers like that CÎROC may very well become No.1 very soon.

The ambassador himself has announced a launch of a new Comcast Network in 2013, called Revolt. Therefore, Combs continues to stress the importance of the blogging/social media world and hopes to continue to take this world by storm.

Here’s a video of Diddy jumping over a bull in a CÎROC commercial.

Source: Billboard.biz

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Photo: Billboard.biz