South London’s Burger At Blacks Offers ‘Beast’ Of A Burger: 18,000 Calories

Ever consider eating a burger containing more than six times the daily recommended calorie intake?

A South London bar came up with a heart attack waiting to happen (on a plate). It’s nicknamed The Beast, and the name suits its owner. The succulent hamburger comes in its own specially baked 30-centimeter diameter bun and contains 3.15 kilograms of beef.

The Beast’s creator and owner of Burgers at Blacks in Purley, South London, Vas Herodotou, said the massive burger will stop patrons with even the hungriest of appetites.

The beef alone is about 8,772 calories and the bun can go up to 6,016. But that’s not all. Add nine pieces of bacon for 576 calories, nine slices of cheddar cheese for 912 calories, a whole lettuce head for 150 calories (I know, lettuce has calories?!), and it’s served with a whopping portion of 450 grams of chips for 1204 calories.;

Condiments including mayonnaise, ketchup and gherkins will add another 25 calories all together.

Do the math and it adds up to 17, 720 calories, and if you want to take the risk in trying, it’ll cost you $63 and a vastly expanded waistline.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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