Russian Restaurant Firebird Re-Imagined

Firebird, a New York City restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, was first conceived by Russian Baroness Irina von der Launitz in an effort to recreate the magic of her homeland built around the theme of her beloved Russian Firebird ballet, is recreated by owner Joe Valentine to celebrate the original culture and cuisine with a modern twist.

Firebird restaurant was styled like a true Tzar’s manor, and Valentine has kept it true to the Russian culture’s roots. At first glance, guests will automatically turn their attention to the bar that houses more than 200 types of vodkas from around the world, including some house made infusions like the favorite Honey-infused vodka.

Firebird consists of an array of rooms, each with a different theme: The green-and-gold China Room is filled with fine china and art, the Library Room illustrates the golden apple tree of the Firebird fable, the Parlor presents refinished furniture of the period, the Blue Room is decorated with costumes from the 1910 Firebird ballet, the Ballroom dazzles in mirrors, crystal chandeliers and skylight above, the Red Room, or “Jewel of Russia” room holds exclusive private events and the LV Room hosts large-scaled events.

Guests may be mesmerized in the presence of Firebird’s decoration, culture and story-telling features, yet the menu is also largely part of the excellence that is Firebird. A dining experience must always begin with Firebird’s superior caviar tasting menu that may be accompanied with dishes like the Sib Sturgeon – dark eggs with nutty, rich and grassy notes. Main dishes like the Chicken Kiev is reimagined, now created in a modern fashion with ultra-tart cranberries filled with butter, herbs and arugula pure on atop kasha. For a dessert, try the recreation of the favorite Russian candy, the Ptichva Moloko.

Firebird is open seven days a week. Visit