Rare Ancient Crypt Now On Display At Bronze Age Exhibit At State Historical Museum

A permanent exhibit on the Bronze Age is now displayed at the State Historical Museum with a rare archaeological find—an ancient crypt, or dolmen, which once housed the remains of more than 70 people, is now the centerpiece of the exhibit.

Thousands of dolmens have been found across the world, including more than 3,000 in the Russian Caucasus region alone. Archaeologists have long hypothesized that these structures were used as tombs, but were unable to prove their theory until the discovery of the Kolikho tomb that is now on show.

The dolman was buried for almost 3,000 years before its discovery in 2008 at the bottom of the Kolikho River in the Krasnodar region.

A massive landslide preserved this specific dolmen and ensured that its contents lay undisturbed until the present day. In usual circumstances, dolments were vulnerable to the elements because they were built to be a part of the landscape. When a dolmen is discovered out in the open, it’s almost impossible to prove that nothing had been added to or removed from its original contents.

Source: The Moscow Times

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